HOPSports Overview

What is HOPSports?

HOPSports is an award-winning educational media network, content library and production company.

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Community Resource

As a technology driven, multi-media platform, HOPSports can assist your district to establish a community-wide, school-driven implementation of the CDC Coordinated School Health Model.

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How it works?

With over 300 lessons taught by Olympians, sport celebrities, dancers, recognized trainers and professionals, HOPSports utilizes technology to revitalize the learning experience using physical activity.

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Educational Messaging

The HOPSports content integrates educational messaging such as nutrition, anti-bullying, character and career development while the students are moving.

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"I am an Occupational Therapist for a school district, in Seattle WA, where the children I see have a variety of impairments, disabilities, and delays. Many have low muscle tone, poor coordination, and a decreased ability to imitate movements or visualize where their body is in space.  The students I see, generally lag behind in acquiring smooth movement patterns such as those needed  in cutting, learning handwriting, ball skills, and for many other common activities done in PE or on the playground. "

Jill Zyvoloski, MOTR/l, Seattle School District, Jill Zyvoloski, MOTR/l, Seattle School District


After the first week of use, the conversation in the halls when I saw athletes became “what are we going to do in HOPSports today?” This system was fun for the athletes but it was nothing for their legs to be shaking and abs aching at the finish of the session.HOPSports was also used by boy’s soccer during their season when bad weather shut down practice. I just moved it to the only place available, a long hallway, set up ladders and practice was back on schedule.”

Jean Drennan, Blue Valley Northwest High School