Tom Root
Tom Root – CEO and Founder

Tom’s mission as the CEO and Founder and visionary of HOPSports is to improve America’s youth by implementing the HOPSports Training System into as many community sites as possible using state-of-the-art digital video recorder technology, training tools, and Internet resources.  The HOPSports package is non-static with continuously evolving lesson plans. 


With more than 20 years of specialized training in exercise physiology, Tom brings a wealth of experience and creative training applications to the fitness community. As an intern in 1980 for Dr. John Kilbourne, former strength and conditioning coach for the U.S. Olympic team, Philadelphia 76'ers and UCLA Basketball, Tom began experimenting with non-traditional training techniques under Dr. Kilbourne's tutelage. At that time, plyometrics, core strengthening, and speed were new, innovative forms of performance enhancement. Today they are a standard protocol for any university or professional program.


Tom Root’s vision for HOPSports is drawn from a depth and diversity of experience: educational years at Arizona State University, university instructor training college athletes, personal athletic trainer, corporate health fair director (Lockheed, Blue Cross, U.S. Navy, Bank of America, Kaiser, etc…) Throughout all of these experiences it became increasingly evident to Tom that the fitness industry had not changed significantly in 25 years, particularly in respect to youth fitness training programs. People were searching for a new, stimulating, results-proven physical fitness process. Young people were particularly motivated to look and feel better, gain confidence, participate in sports, and work hard to acquire scholarships.


Tom decided to develop his "cardio-sport" programs for obese grade-school students combining cardiovascular exercise with the sport-specific skills such as basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing and football. The goal was not only to enhance the students overall health, fitness and well-being, but to bolster their confidence as they stepped out on to the field. Programs also were designed to improve fitness and motor skills for physically and mentally challenged students to allow them to have fun moving and enjoy exercise for life. Tom’s passion to have a lasting effect and promote a lifetime of health and fitness meant that the HOPSports Training System had to be fun, innovative, and adaptable.