Tom Root

Tom Root – CEO and Founder

Tom Root is CEO and Founder of HOPSports, Inc., a world-renowned leader in health and fitness content. With an eye bent on Hollywood and cutting-edge filming techniques, Tom has combined his fascination with technology, production and entertainment, with his passion for Global wellness.


First Lady Michelle Obama has recognized HOPSports as a curative solution to childhood obesity, and Tom has encouraged other stakeholders to band together to promote healthy and active lifestyles and communities. The Harlem Globetrotters, Cartoon Network, NFL Play 60, the United Way, US Rowing, USA Volleyball, WNBA, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the American College of Sports Medicine are examples of organizations with whom HOPSports has partnered to develop youth program content.


Tom has never strayed far from his fitness roots. He has successfully parlayed his movement training and education at Arizona State with an earned Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, into creating innovative training techniques. Tom’s vast training portfolio includes members of The Stuntmen’s Association, professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB, Olympians, and children of all ages and skill levels.


Tom truly prescribes to the belief that Exercise is Medicine, and continues to be a pioneer in the field of global health and wellness through movement. Examples of Tom’s advocacy include: lobbyist on Capitol Hill for continued federal funding of the Carol White PEP Grant; keynote speaker at the International Conference in Sport Coaching Science (China, 2010); keynote speaker at the 14th Commonwealth International Sports Science Congress ( India, 2010); major organizer and featured speaker at the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference ( Shanghai,2011); and keynote speaker at the 2nd Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy (Germany, 2012).